Get Involved


Arlo’s – 208-255-4186
Babs’ Pizzeria – 208-265-7992
Bistro at Home – please order on their website
Blue Heron Cafe – 208-263-1146
Burger Dock – 208-597-7027
DiLuna’s – 208-263-0846
Eichardt’s – 208-263-4005
Heart Bowls – please stop by the food truck next to The Longshot
Ivano’s – 208-263-0211
Matchwood Brewing Co – 208-718-2739
MickDuffs Brewing Company – 208-255-4351
Pack River Store – 208-263-2409
Pie Hut – 208-265-2208
Soul Picnic Food Truck – please stop by the food truck next to The Evans Brothers Coffee
Sweet Lou’s – 208-263-1381 or order online
Tango Cafe – 201-263-9514
Utara Brewing Co. – 208-627-5070

If you run a restaurant and would like to participate reach out to Carrie Clayton or call 350Sandpoint (Jean Gerth) 208-290-1349 (please leave a message)

*There is little evidence to support that COVID-19 can be transmitted through food or food packaging (according to the CDC the FDA), yet during a pandemic there are always risks. Here are some good practices for handling takeout and food delivery: Stay six feet away from the person providing curbside delivery when picking up meals and practice “Leave at my Door Delivery” when having food delivered. Pay with a credit card, not cash. Discard packaging outside your home, and wash your hands straight after; avoid using utensils the food might come with, and disinfect your counters and tables before and after eating.

There is always a need for energy and help in our work. We welcome new people and new projects.